Rochelle Orkiolla

Rochelle Orkiolla


Mother of 3 successful grown children and “Mimi” to 2 wonderful grandchildren. Approachable, high energy, plant whisperer, social butterfly.


CrossFit level 2 trainer, Adaptive Athlete certificate, Coaching the aging athlete, CrossFit scaling course.

About Coach

As a coach I pride myself on accommodating any and everyone when it comes to physical health. Regardless of age, current fitness level, or abilities, I love helping people get off the couch and enter into a full active lifestyle!

Turning Point

As a lifelong lover of health and fitness, I am utilizing CrossFit as a way to ride life out in style!<br /> Health is one of my top priorities and keeping up with my grand children is not negotiable. I love the look on peoples faces when they reach their goals and accomplishments in and out of the gym!

Motivation & Passion

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