Carol Mezen

Carol Mezen


Wife & Mother


CrossFit and Olympic Lifting competitor



CrossFit Level 1 & 2


Everything Fire & EMS related

About Coach

I was active in a number of sports growing up, including basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, track, and eventually focused on diving, until a traumatic brain injury and herniated back ended my hopes of competitive sports through college. Decades later, after having a family and completing multiple college degrees, I was introduced to emergency medicine and firefighting and began working diligently to transition from a casual runner to a strong, capable firefighter. Being coached and encouraged to build strength as a means to avoid injury, and to become technically proficient as a means to ensure longevity felt amazing and ignited my desire to share this lifestyle with others.

Turning Point

One thing that I struggled to admit for years was the abusive relationships in my life that created an enormous wall of self-doubt. What others saw was a loving mom, a high-achieving college student, and a hard-working employee; what I saw in the mirror was someone afraid of failure and afraid to stand up to others. My introduction to strength training through Russian Kettlebells then Crossfit literally changed my life. As my physical strength grew, my mental strength soared. I began to face my fears and became empowered, self-confident, and resilient.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping others realize how strong they really are. I want you to see what you're capable of and introduce enough small successes that you break free of self-doubt. I don't believe in saying "I can't" unless it is part of "I can't YET". My favorite part of coaching is celebrating the reward of continuous work: the new skill, the conquered fear, the personal record. Witnessing the effort and accomplishments of others is amazing!

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