Brian Woydziak

Brian Woydziak



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Aerobic Capacity Certificate

Anatomy Certificate

Dumbbells Certificate

Endurance Certificate

Gymnastics Certificate

Judges Certificate (2022)

Lesson Planning Certificate

Programming Certificate

Running Certificate

Scaling Certificate

Spot The Flaw Certificate

Weightlifting Certificate

About Coach

As a Coach, I draw on my experience as a gymnast the most. Skills from my time on the swimming/diving team and years on wrestling mats play a part, but less often. There are also a lot of similarities in training, specifically conditioning, that I am able to bring to the box from my time training BJJ.

Turning Point

My "Turning Point" as it relates to fitness is not so much a single point but the constant reminder that things go better when I prioritize my health. When I am consistent with making it to the WOD, healthy fueling, and smart recovery, I see the benefit in all facets of my life.

Motivation & Passion

The thing that motivates me most as a Coach is the athletes. I enjoy being a part of taking an athlete from "I can't" to "I do" with the skills and movements that were challenging or even thought impossible.

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