Pause cleans
rest 2:00 between sets

power cleans (95/65)
toes to bar

Post loads and times to comments.

Jen WC is a long time dedicated 6 am'er.

Jen WC is a long time dedicated 6 am’er.

Holiday Check-in Challenge

It is official, we have entered the holiday season. During the holidays, it is very easy to get caught up in all things holidays and let your fitness and health slide.

“But, it’s only for a month, then I’ll get back into it after New Years.”

Here’s a simple fact of life, fitness is really hard to gain and really easy to lose. You will be shocked by how much fitness you can lose in just a month’s time. So, don’t let that happen. Be sure to prioritize your fitness and health between Thanksgiving and New Years.

We’re going to incentivize your commitment to fitness over the holidays. We’re going to run a Holiday KCF Check-in Challenge. Everytime you come to Kitsap CrossFit during the holidays, pull out your phone and “check-in” on Facebook. Each time you do this, you’ll get 1 point. You know they say that a photo is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, a photo will be worth 2 points. That’s right, if you click a quick photo of something going on at the box and include that with your check-in, we’ll award you two points.

We’ll tally up all the check-ins and photos between November 27th and Dec 31st. The top 3 will all be awarded prizes from our Pro Shop. We’ll also do one random draw. So, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to get to the gym as often as those folks who seemingly live at the gym, you can still be in the running for a prize.