9-7-5 reps for time
Squat snatch (135/95 lbs.)

Compare to 11/24/14 and post time to comments.

We agree, Jessie, Air Bikes are so much fun!

Pulling Under A Motionless Bar

Now that you have watched that video, watch it again. Look very closely at the height of the bar at the end of the 2nd pull (just before he pulls himself under the barbell). Notice how the lifter pulls the barbell up the the level of his belly button and then the barbell basically comes to a standstill and he aggressively pulls under the bar. This is significantly more efficient than pulling the bar up to his eyeballs, trying to lift it over his head. This guy is all of about 125 lbs and he is snatching a world record for his weight class of just over 300 lbs.

During today’s workout, you should endeavor to follow what Wu Jingbiao is doing. Aggressively drive and pull the barbell up to the level of your belly button and then while the bar hangs out motionless waiting for you, get your ass under it and push up on it as if your life depends on it.

Here’s a great drill for you to practice getting under the bar quickly: Tall Snatches