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No Overnight Success in Fitness

(Written by Dan Hollingsworth)

Have you ever seen someone who is new relatively new to CrossFit but they come in seemingly already possessing all the skill sets. They can do movements like overhead squats with technique that looks like someone who has been doing this stuff for years, even though it’s their first time. Chances are, while that person may have not done CrossFit before, they did something fairly athletic. Maybe they were a gymnast or a dancer or just played lots of sports. They have a good understanding of their body and where it is in space. There are no overnight successes in fitness.

A few months ago I watched a really interesting movie called The Founder. It’s the story of how Ray Kroc became the “founder” of the world’s most prolific burger joint, McDonald’s. In the movie, Ray Kroc was telling the actual founders of McDonald’s, the McDonald brothers, yes, it was actually founded by two brothers whose last names were McDonald, that they had an amazing business model. Their response was that they were, “An overnight sensation, 30 years in the making.”

Here’s the thing, unless you win the lottery, nobody is truly an overnight success. Not in business, nor in fitness. While it may appear to be fairly quick, what you don’t see is the weeks, months and years of arduous work to get to that point.

Today’s overhead squats are a great example. This movement is one of the most frustrating movements we do because it demands so much strength, flexibility and coordination. It takes a long time to develop all of those attributes. So, if you are still relatively new to this, you shouldn’t get frustrated if your squat isn’t where you want it to be yet. You just have to work at it a little bit longer, maybe do a little extra “homework” on your flexibility and eventually you will get there. It’s hard fought, but in the end, those are the best battles to win.