3 rounds for time
500m Row
50 Wall balls
5 Rope climbs

Accessory Work:
100 banded pull aparts

Power Hour:
10 rounds for time
10 Curtis P’s (135#/95#)
10 Calorie Air Bike

Curtis P = 1 Power clean + 1 Lunge each leg + 1 Push press
Movement demo: Curtis P

Post times to comments.

True story.

Mock Meet Warm-up

Figuring out how to properly warm-up and the timing of your warm-up lifts can be a complicated process at a weightlifting meet. Unlike a group class where you are on your own clock, in a meet you are following the weight that is on the bar. When they get to your weight, it’s your turn, whether you are warmed up or not. So, it pays to pay attention and to strategize your warm-up so that you are ready to lift when it’s your turn.

I’m not going to try to recreate the wheel here. There already exist, great articles on warming-up written by much more accomplished coaches than me. So, I’ll post the link to one I really like and strongly encourage you to read it. I’m going to add this caveat: THIS IS A MOCK MEET … don’t overthink it. Read this article to get some good tips and ideas, but this meet is more for the experience and having fun than anything else.

Catalyst Athletics: A Simple Guide to Weightlifting Competition Warm-ups