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November 18, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Wednesday 11/19/14


4 Rounds for time
100′ Walking lunges with 30/20 lb dumbbells (in each hand)
30 Box jumps (24/20)
20 Weighted Pull-ups (30/20)

WOD courtesy of CrossFit, compare your time to the times posted on 11/15/14 and post to comments.

KCF ladies don’t need no stinkin’ chairs.

inFlux: The Series

This. Looks. Really. Cool. We’ll let you know the details when we know the details on this series.

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  • 22:07rx. That was a grip killer for sure, fun WOD! Sorry Ben about the air dyne, I hope we’re still friends.

    Posted by: Mike 8:23 pm on November 19th, 2014
  • SO, I came in to do the wod for the first time in a couple of weeks. And Big Mike and X told me I should do a max calorie in 1 minute on the airdyne before the wod. For some reason I thought it was going to be easier then it really was. I hit like 40 calories in 30 seconds, and the last 30 seconds only 6. I got off the airdyne. Walked about a half a lap around and waited for everyone to pass me before I lost my lunch for the day. That was the worse workout in 1 minute I have ever done in my life hands down.

    Posted by: Ben 6:06 pm on November 19th, 2014
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November 17, 2014 at 9:30 pm

Tuesday 11/18/14


Everday Warrior Battle Series – Event 3

10 Minute Clock (6 Attempts Allowed)
1 Rep Max from the Rack
RX: Max OH Squat
Scaled: Max Back Squat
Masters: Max Front Squat

Post loads to comments.

KCF ladies, Janet and Kara, doing work during the final event of the Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown.

Operation Justin Schmalsteig: Thanksgiving Challenge

Our friends at Oceanside CrossFit in Oceanside, CA are raising money for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. This program raises needed funds to support families who have lost a loved one in combat. This is the 3rd year they have done this in remembrance of their friend, GySGT Justin Schmalsteig who was killed by a roadside bomb on December 15, 2010. Amy and Dan knew Justin and his wife, Ann, from their time at OCF. On Saturday, December 6th, we will join Oceanside CrossFit in honoring Justin by doing the workout, “Schmalls”, which was created by Ann. If you are able to, please consider donating to Operation Justin Schmalsteig and definitely join us on December 6th for a true Hero WOD honoring a true HERO.

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November 16, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Monday 11/17/14


100 Double unders
21 Front squats (115#/75#)
21 Push press (115#/75#)
100 Double unders
15 Front squats (115#/75#)
15 Push press (115#/75#)
100 Double unders
9 Front squats (115#/75#)
9 Push press (115#/75#)

WOD courtesy of, compare to times posted on 10/10/14 and post your time to comments.

Winners of the 2014 Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown, CrossFit Anacortes (Samantha & Luke).

Winners of the 2014 Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown, CrossFit Anacortes (Samantha & Luke).

Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown: Full Recap

“Very impressed at how well this event was run! The best crossfit competition I have been to yet! Thanks for putting on such a great event for such an amazing group of athletes! Would not imagine spending my Saturday doing anything else. Thanks again!”

“Indicator of a great CrossFit Community Event: The judges were having just as much fun as the athletes and spectators.”

Well, those 2 quotes give you a pretty good idea of how the Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown went on Saturday. Not trying to brag, but we put on a pretty damn good show. Saturday went almost exactly as it was planned. The events were well received (well, maybe not the first one … more on that later), we had no injuries, everybody worked really, really hard, we crowned some very well deserving champions and we raised money for a great cause.

Let’s talk about the workouts: The general consensus from the hints we dropped was that the first event was going to be a run. Well, they were right, it was a run. It wasn’t long, but it was challenging. There is a pretty infamous hill within the local cross country that they have named, “Mother”. So, we named the first event, “Run To Your Mother”. In total it was a mere 1.4 miles, with 3 decent inclines. The fastest finisher was from the team, “Shake and Bake”, and his time was 8:45. Two teams from Kitsap CrossFit, “Awesome to be 23″ (Austin & Janet) and “Snatch in the Box” (David M. and Kara) finished the first event in the top 5, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

“One Shot, One Clean” was the second event. In this event teams had 5 minutes to warm-up and prepare for a 1RM clean. Then they had 90 seconds for each team member to take 1 shot at the lift. If they missed the lift, they got a score of zero. There were a few teams that ended up getting no contribution from one of the members due to a missed attempt. The big lifts of the day on the men’s side came from team “One Gun”. Their male athlete hit a fairly routine looking power clean at 315 lbs. The heaviest female lift of the day came from 2 time CrossFit Games athlete, Samantha Jo Baxter of team “CrossFit Anacortes”. She hit a 190 lb. clean which she said is just 5 lbs. off of her PR. KCF’s, Shannon E. had the 2nd highest female lift of the day at 185 lbs., which helped her team of “Bass No Treble” secure 3rd place in that event.

We pulled a little bit of a fast one on everybody for Event #3. Technically we told them what we were going to do in the demo video that we released, but not everybody picked up on the hint. Event #3, inspired by the NPGL, was called “Team Echo Race”. Teams had 5 minutes to complete 40 deadlifts, 40 toes-to-bar, 4 rope climbs and 40 ground-to-overheads. What some of them didn’t pick up on was that they would have do it twice, hence the echo. After the 5 minute cap, they had 1 minute to rest and then do it again. Only 1 team was able to finish both races within the time cap and that was “CrossFit Anacortes”. For many teams, the grip extensive workout wreaked havoc on their toes-to-bar and rope climbs. Each 5 minute race was scored separately. KCF teams “Snatch in the Box” got a 4th place finish on the first race and “Thunder Buddies” (Mike S. and Lindsey B.) came in 5th. In the second running of this race, “Awesome to be 23″ scored a 4th place finish.

Event #4 (technically #5) was the “Team Chipper”. For this event the teams played follow the leader with each team member having to complete 2 rounds of 300m row, 20 burpee box jumps (8″), 20 overhead lunges (45#/25#) and 20 ground to overhead/shoulder (50#). The time cap for this workout was 20 minutes and every single team finished under the cap. KCF Teams took the top 2 spots in this event with “Snatch in the Box” taking the win followed by “Awesome to be 23″.

The final event was a winner-takes-all race. The top 5 teams went into the final and KCF was well represented by 2 teams, “Awesome to be 23″ and “Snatch in the Box”. In this event, named “Penalty Box”, each team member had to perform 30 overhead squats (165#/115#). While one athlete was doing the overhead squats, the other was in the penalty box. Anytime the squatting athlete brought the bar down out of the overhead position, the athlete in the penalty box had to do 3 wall climbs. Once they hit 30 reps then the teammates switched spots. First team to complete 60 total reps took home 1st place. This was a back and forth race with the top 3 teams trading the lead several times. The eventual winner was “CrossFit Anacortes”. They were followed by “Just the Kip” from CrossFit Bothell and “Tight Butts & Sweaty Nutts” from LakeHills CrossFit. KCF Teams “Snatch in the Box” and “Awesome to be 23″ rounded out the top 5.

The winning team took home a pretty sweet package from Poulsbo Running. Second place got a Progenex pack as well as 2 boxes of Perfect Foods bars and 3rd place took home the Progenex pack.

In addition to the 4th and 5th place finishes of the 2 KCF Teams, all the other teams representing KCF did very well, also. The “Thunder Buddies” finished in 12th followed by “The Mexxxicutioners” (Nick R. and Kaley) in 13th and the “Hansville Highfivers” (Scott and Sara) in 14th. “I Can’t Believe They’re Not Better” (Jerry and Amber) finished in 16th and “Bass no Treble” came in 19th. All the teams fought hard and should be very proud of themselves, we certainly are proud of them.

The Paleo Bites Sale and the raffle we are also big successes. We had tables chock full of delicious food and raffle prizes. We also had a group of kiddos who worked the crowd like pros getting people to buy raffle tickets. Lots of KCF folks took home great prizes and in total we raised $730 for Survive & Thrive, way to go!

These things are always a lot of work to put on. There is always a point during the planning when you think to yourself, “Is all this work really worth it?” Then the event happens and it feels like time is on warp speed, especially when things go off without a hitch. Of course, none of this would have been possible without all the amazing help we got from our volunteers. KCF stepped up big time in this regard and we have to thank the 2 volunteers we had from Silverdale CrossFit as well, thanks, John and Tierney. Additionally, we’d like to thank our DJ, John Wood of Music Masters for keeping us all pumped and motivated with the tunes and Jessica Young of Copper Moments Photography for shooting amazing pics for us.

Our next big event will be “My First Throwdown” which is slated for early February. More details to follow. If you were inspired by this weekend’s event and want to dip your toes into the competitive waters, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Or, maybe you want to test your “No Rep” skills, we can always use judges. We’ll keep you posted as details get hammered out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, KCF YOU ROCK!!!

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  • 9:21 Rx … Or was it 10:21? I don’t remember now. Time for bed

    Posted by: Dan 10:07 pm on November 17th, 2014
  • 8:51Rx

    Posted by: Rickey 9:12 pm on November 17th, 2014
  • That was an awesome event and super fun thanks a lot guys!!!

    Posted by: Nick R 7:08 pm on November 17th, 2014
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November 15, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Sunday 11/16/14


Rest day

Coach Scott catches a quick breather during the Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown.

Coach Scott catches a quick breather during the Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown.

Dynamic Duo II Recap

It’s was an amazing and really long day at the Dynamic Duo II Team Throwdown. We’d like to thank everybody that came out to compete, volunteer and cheer at yesterday’s event. We’d love to give you a full run down of the event, but we’re exhausted. Look for it in the post tomorrow. For now, check out the last rep of the final event. Our very own, Austin, aka “Awesome” hits a hard fought 30th overhead squat at 165 lbs.

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November 14, 2014 at 10:04 pm

Saturday 11/15/14

**Schedule Reminder – Due to the Dynamic Duo II Throwdown, there will be no classes today**


10 Rounds
30 second all-out running sprint
90 second rest

4 Rounds
30 second max rep push-ups
90 second rest

Post distance and reps to comments.

Heather B. was getting "pumped up" during "Running Isabel.

Heather B. was getting “pumped up” during “Running Isabel.

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