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January 1, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Monday 01/02/12

in: Workout


Weighted pull-ups

3 sets max reps ring dips

2 Rounds for time
25 GHD sit-ups
50 Double unders

Post loads, reps and time to comments.

Billy goes all in on the standing triple broad jump.

3 Words – A Homework Assignment

I came across this yesterday and thought it was really interesting: My 3 Words for 2012. This year, instead of making New Years resolutions, try identifying 3 key words that will allow you to better define your goals for the year. Resolutions can be rather vague and restrictive, “I resolve to lose 15 lbs.” or “I resolve to exercise more.” Picking out 3 key words can actually help you identify multiple areas to improve upon for the year.  Instead of working toward just one singular goal you may find it more effective to have a general theme to that guides you through the year.

Now, these 3 words shouldn’t just be the first 3 that pop into your head.  This is something that you should put a lot of thought into.  I have a couple in mind, but I’m going to brew on it for a couple of days and I’ll spell them out later in the week.  I challenge you to come up with your own 3 words and we’ll share them on the blog on Friday, January 6th.

  • Hi KCF I just wanted to say Happy New Year. See you all in March or April.

    Posted by: Carol 7:06 pm on January 2nd, 2012
  • 92.5(x3), 95(x2)- 15,9,9 MU to dips- 4:38

    Posted by: Tcubed 11:30 am on January 2nd, 2012

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