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September 20, 2014 at 9:21 pm

Sunday 09/21/14


Rest day


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September 19, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Saturday 09/20/14


5 Rounds for max total reps
:30 max rep burpee box step overs (24″ w/45# BP, 20″ 2/ 25# BP)
:30 max rep clean & jerks (135#/95#)
:30 Rest

Post total reps to comments.

The Phoenix Rise prep for a race.

Training With the Phoenix Rise

(As you know, Coach Chris is currently in Phoenix training with the NPGL Team, the Rise. Their first match of the playoffs is next Wednesday, the 24th at 5pm PST. Here’s a run down of his first few days in training camp with the team.)

After 3 days of training with the Phoenix Rise, training has been fun and very eye opening. There are some major differences with training for the Grid League than what is done in our CrossFit Gym. It’s not surprising considering the two aren’t all that similar.

Warm ups have been 20-30 minutes with a few different 10 minute EMOMs sets of various couplets. This might mean 30 seconds on an Airdyne or rowing machine and the next minute doing 40 double unders, or 40 seconds of a plank hold then moving to 12 jumping lunges and 3 box jumps + step downs or 5 kb swings then 5 pulling movements (t2b, pull ups, c2b, or bar muscle ups). Cool downs are usually 8 minutes of rowing, riding an Airdyne, or going for a walk.

After warmups, we usually discuss races and strategy before breaking up into 4-5, 2 –person teams of athletes and run our races 3+ times. This gives the coaches an opportunity to see what everyone can do so they can build a game plan for our next match. There’s usually 20+ people watching and 2 athletes doing work. When the work is complete, they sub out and the next athlete goes. The feeling I have doing these tests is similar to nerves experienced in competition. You want to move well, you want to move fast, and you don’t want to look like an idiot.

Monday, we built up to heavy cleans 1.1. This means 1 – do 1 clean, . – rest 10 seconds, and 1 – do a clean. I worked up to 265# and told James FitzGerald my number. He said, nope. You’re not done yet. I added weight to my bar and performed another set and the second rep was easier than the first rep. After I pulled out a calculator and converted kilos to pounds, I pulled 286#. He said I still had more in me but I could stop there. We then began working up to a heavy hang power clean in preparation for race 2. I worked up to 265# and then we began an ascending ladder EMOM using 245# starting with 3 reps the first minute, 4 reps the second, etc… Our big boys were getting late into the round of 9 reps. I did the first minute and decided that was enough for me! The final piece we practiced was race 1 which is deadlifts and weighted pistols. They have the athletes picked for this race so I worked with a couple other guys on our own version of this race. We followed a 9-7-5 rep scheme going as fast as possible, using deadlift weights of 225-245-265 and weighted pistols of 30#, 40#, and 50#. This was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday, my team consisted of Cody Loeffler and Rasmus Wisbech-Andersen. We each did 12 – 2pood OH squats, 12 –HSPU, 4 –muscle ups, and 10 -145# power snatches. This was executed at game speed and each heat was timed. Our two times through the races were respectable. I learned that I need to settle into a movement before going 100 miles an hour. I can’t just jump in and immediately red line. Once again, you were on the stage during these races with everyone watching.

Race 11 has eight movements and we each did two and possibly parts of a third. Race 11 has:
20 GHD situps
16 t2b
12 db thrusters (40#’s)
10 burpee over box (24”)
Handstand walk
8 muscle ups
4 rope climbs
2 clean and jerks (335)

Throughout our 3 times through this race, I did the 20 GHD situps, thrusters, burpees, and rope climbs. I did well with the thrusters and burpees, was slow on the situps, and had some good climbs and some slow ones due to poor foot technique. This was due to trying to go too fast. Highlights from these races were Melissa Popovich flying through the situps, Alexandra LaChance doing ‘butterfly’ kipping t2b, Val Calhoun doing handstand walks at a sprinting pace, Marcus Filly and Emily Pale making muscle ups look effortless, and Danny Nichols doing touch and go clean and jerks at 335#, twice. “Game recognize game!”

On Wednesday, we practiced parts of race 10. Race 10 is one of the tougher races as there are 3 lanes of work down the Grid with only 2 subs. Race 10 has:
7 db burpee clusters (50#s)
20 box jump overs (30”)
60 DUs
4 rope climbs
15 power cleans (185)
We went through 6 db burpee clusters followed by a 400m row. James FitzGerald came up to me and said they want me to run through the first 3 movements and to be ready, as this was going to hurt. When I was ready, everyone was around watching and cheering as I pushed through each movement. I had a fault or two on the clusters due to depth but hit the box jumps hard and finished with unbroken DUs. I’m not sure what my time was but it felt good perform well. Look for me to do these 3 movements next Wednesday.

The biggest thing is looking around the room and realizing that this is a room filled with all-stars. Everyone is a great athlete and really excels in several movements. I find myself wondering what the hell am I doing here and then realize that I don’t have to be the best at everything. I have to be able to help out where I’m needed in order to give the big boys a break so they can do what they do best. The Pike’s Peak races will have me doing a lot of work which makes me feel like I’m really contributing to the team. The more work we share, the better off we will be. We’re really excited about our match with the New York Rhinos and I hope we bring our best effort.

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  • Touch and go clean and jerks at 335#?? I’m not even mad…that’s impressive! Sounds like you’re learning a lot about yourself and having fun at the same time, X. Couldn’t be more happy for ya.

    Posted by: Derek Brainard 3:24 am on September 20th, 2014
  • I think I just got stronger reading this post. Thanks so much X.

    Posted by: M. Cordell 10:38 pm on September 19th, 2014
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September 18, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Sunday 09/19/14


10 Rounds for time
10 Hand release push-ups
15 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
100m Sprint

Power Hour:
5 Rounds for time
6 Front rack lunges (185#/135#)
30 Air squats

rest 5 min

5 Rounds for time
10 Dumbbell snatches (100#/70#)
10 Handstand push-ups

Post times to comments.

5 Years Ago Today

Back on September 19th of 2009 we were just 6 short days into the life of Kitsap CrossFit. We hosted an Open House to let the community know what we were up to. It wasn’t a huge turnout, but if you look at the pictures posted on our Facebook Page, you’ll see some faces of folks who are still with us today.

Starting next month, we’ll be doing an Open House of sorts. We invite you to bring in your friends, family members, co-workers, folks you meet at the coffee shop, to come in and see what Kitsap CrossFit is all about. The first Monday of the month will be “Bring A Friend Day”. There is no fee for your visitors to come in and check out a WOD and see what our great community is all about. The workout will be appropriate for a total beginner, but also be such that the fittest of CrossFitters will get a good dose of fitness.  Let’s show the greater Kitsap County community how we build Community Through Fitness.

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  • Awesome picture guys! Congrats on 5 years!

    Posted by: Nick R 8:08 pm on September 19th, 2014
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September 17, 2014 at 8:58 pm

Thursday 09/18/14


Power snatch

3 Attempts at max rep unbroken power snatch at 70% of above.

Post loads and reps to comments.

Couples that WOD together ...

Couples that WOD together …

Klokov Power Snatches 180Kg

Do the math, that’s nearly 400 lbs. in a power snatch. Now, if you are watching closely, you may say that’s not exactly a power snatch because his hips are below parallel, however, if you watch Klokov when he is doing full snatches you’ll see that he typically catches way lower than this 180Kg snatch. Also, notice how aggressive he is, there is just no way to get a heavy load over your head without being aggressive. So, channel your inner Klokov today and snatch some heavy weights.

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  • 215# Power snatch today, Ten pound Pr for the Power. Not sure if its from taking time off and healing my body, or just luck today. Then did “Isabel” with Austin. 2:05 with a heart attack somewhere in the middle of it. I think I will take another six months off, it seemed to have helped.

    Posted by: Ben 12:59 pm on September 18th, 2014
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September 16, 2014 at 8:29 pm

Wednesday 09/17/14


5 Rounds for time
12 Thrusters (95#/65#)
8 Chest to bar pull-ups
4 Strict wall walks

Post time to comments.


Constantly Varied Diet Increases Dopamine

This is a cool video that talks about how our bodies and more specifically, our brains, respond to sugar. It’s pretty eye opening but what struck me the most was the comment about eating a wide variety of foods. When we eat novel foods our bodies release dopamine. This hormone is tied to our sense of reward and satisfaction and also affects our mood and decision making. When we eat the same food over and over again it becomes less satisfying because we produce less dopamine in response to eating it. Eating a widely varied diet helps keep dopamine levels fairly high which is not only beneficial for the aforementioned functions, but it also has the side benefit of ensuring that we get all the vitamins and minerals our bodies rely on.

Unfortunately, sugar can spike our dopamine levels also. While elevated dopamine levels is beneficial it can be outweighed by the negative effects of eating a diet rich in sugar. So, keep your dopamine levels high by following Coach Glassman’s simple advice:

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”

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    I’ll definitely return.

    Posted by: 4:27 am on September 18th, 2014
  • 9:13 Rx … that was a doozy.

    Posted by: Dan H. 8:26 pm on September 17th, 2014
  • 10:58Rx Light Weight baby!

    Posted by: Rickey 5:39 pm on September 17th, 2014
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